Our Story

The founders of JND Mechanical have over 25 years each of experience in mechanical contracting with well over 100 high-rise residential projects and an immeasurable amount of commercial type projects.  Spanning from Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

Fred Schuman (Owner and CEO) has over 35 years as a Mechanical Contractor. Fred facilitated and directed the mechanical construction of 100's of projects.  His experience and evolution includes; tradesman, draftsman, manufacturer's representative, project manager and owner. Fred also pioneered the duct fabrication business with custom engineered fabrication and install shop drawings. Providing high quality completed components for duct work. This made our fabrication facility an obvious creation and a quick success! Fred oversees all processes and teams in managing the business.

The teams experience, reputation and customer base led to the development and continued success of JND Mechanical. Over the decades this acquired contracting knowledge and network of collaborating sources (Engineers, Equipment Manufacturers, Control Suppliers, HVAC Testing Services) has provided us the skills vital to managing through the wide variety of challenges, cost saving options and coordination associated with large expansive structures.


Our Approach

We are a Florida Mechanical Contractor servicing areas from Tampa to Marco. We perform complete commercial HVAC for all system types. We achieve quality and customer satisfaction with our performance which has gained us an exceptional clientele and portfolio. Our goals are to continue those relationships thru our work and provide success to our customers and team members with a company we can all be proud of.

Mechanical Subcontractor and Duct Fabrication

JND Mechanical fabricates the Fiberglass ductwork for our own projects as well as for other Mechanical companies. This allows us to control pricing, efficiency, quality and production time. We are efficient in design, application and time requirements. Our skilled installers and highly productive fabrication facility makes us a UNIQUE Subcontractor. This also allows us to perform Sub-sub work for other Mechanical companies. This unique relationship is where our competition becomes our partners in a common goal. Our fabrication facility keeps us busy at all times because the sub-sub work is beneficial for all parties. Regardless of the schedules and types of work Construction requires or plans to pursue, Fabrication is always working, which provides limitless opportunities to the company as a whole. We provide engineered install shop drawings on construction plans showing duct layouts. We furnish the fabrication shop drawings. This custom application gives a turnkey, efficient product to our customers.

Meet the Team

Our success is due to the people we have on our team. The experience and dedication of all our team members have created our foundation. Below is a list of our key roles and contact information

Fred Schuman


Phone: 239-288-5834

Email: fs@jndmech.com

Jennifer Delgado

Accounting and Executive Assistant 

Phone: 239-288-5834 x100

Email: aa@jndmech.com

Jeff Davis

Purchasing Agent

Phone: 239-288-5834 x115


Angela Young

Service Operations Manager

Phone: 239-288-5834


Kiya Mornston

Administrative Assistant

Phone: 239-288-5834


Lonnie Stewart

Purchasing and Facility Manager 

Phone: 239-288-5834 x106


Ligia Rodriguez

HR Manager 

Phone: 239-288-5834 x105

Email: hr@jndmech.com


Scott Radaker

Senior Project Manager 

Phone: 239-834-5738


Gary DeMond

General Admin

Phone: 239-288-5834 x110

Email: gd@jndmech.com

Tom Talbott

Service Field Manager

Phone: 239-288-5834


Joe Zamora

Fabrication Manager

Phone: 239-288-5834


Amber Thomas

Operations Manager 

Phone: 239-288-5834 x104

Email: ap@jndmech.com

Jeff Conrod

Tampa Regional Manager

Phone: 239-288-5834


Matthew Weaver


Phone: 239-288-5834


Tammy Dietzman

Project Director

Phone: 239-288-5834 x113


Project Managers & Superintendents

  • Scott Radaker
  • Jeff Conrod
  • Frederick Schuman
  • Rob Johnston
  • Jim Brown
  • Stephen McQuillan
  • Randy Shields